Marriage Advice for Newly Weds


Marriage is the first step to begin your life with your spouse/ partner. We have come across many people who successfully carried their life forward and on the other side, there have been many cases where the marriages have ended up in a divorce.

Newly Wed Couple

Everyone starts it the perfect way, they get married, throw up a party for their relatives and friends and then start ticking up the boxes of all the honeymoon destinations they planned. After such a lovely start, many couples fail miserably and end up at the door of a lawyer. So, where does all the problems start.

So, the very first advice in carrying forward any relationship forward is looking it from others’ point of view and trying to understand others. That would one of the marriage advice for newly weds. There would be many arguments that rise when you start living your life. Most of the situations that are stressful leads to arguments where each of the partner tries to prove why they are right and sometimes these small arguments lengthen into fights. A simple example would be your partner not able to come for a function which he/ she promised.


When you argue about it, you only think about the promise he/ she made few days back and about how important it was for you. But when you think about it in the shoes of the other person and see why they where not able to come attend it, you will understand one thing that your partner will never want to do something that makes you angry or sad. Then you will understand that there would have been some other priorities that came up in between and that was the reason. You might like to read What Does Dating Mean to A Guy?

Start your day with a smile. Well not just your day, just have a smile always. Looking at the smile, no one would approach you with an angry face let alone your spouse.


Make realistic plans. Not just about honeymoon destinations. It could be even small things like being there with your partner for an event also. Sometimes, to please or to not to make your partner sad, you make promises knowing that you won’t be able to keep it. That is just going to make them angry at a later point of time. Many of the honeymoon trips or vacation plans are ruined when you make unrealistic plans and later you come to know that it is not possible.

Don’t limit yourself, just make realistic plans. That doesn’t mean don’t make big plans. Plan big, plan great but always plan things that are within your budget. Don’t look at your neighbours and your relatives.

Don’t take your spouse for granted. Now this will involve a lot of things. Sometimes your spouses will need their own space. So, will you. Everyone has their own boundaries. Try not to cross it.

Spend time together and also when needed spend some time apart. Like already mentioned, there will be situations when they will need their own space and can’t share things with you. Let them have that. Don’t question it. At the same time, spend loads of time with your partner. Make yourself and your partner understand how much each of you need the other.

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