Elle Fanning creates a buzz at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival with her striking outfit. She dons a mesmerizing Paco Rabanne dress resembling a flowing disco ball.

Elle's silver-tastic dress captivates with feathery details and shimmering allure.  dress features unique silver flower-shaped nipple pasties on her chest, connected by a middle piece that forms a necklace.

 Elle shares her stunning ensemble on Instagram, delighting fans.  She posts photos of herself wearing the dress, showcasing the eye-catching details.

Elle shares a series of videos on Instagram, providing a dynamic view of her outfit in motion. The videos allow viewers to appreciate the full effect of the dazzling dress.

Elle expresses her excitement about the dress with a caption on her Instagram post. She describes it as the ultimate party dress, accompanied by five disco ball emojis.

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