About us

ParagraphCove is a source of independent journalism that’s not influenced by any party. We’re self-financed and not funded by the government, parties or private individuals. We collect information from all available sources, organize it and then explain it in easy-to-understand and unbiased content.

we only publish articles with well-rounded views that are not biased. ParagraphCove may have to deal with challenging and sensitive topics, which may offend some audience members. But alternative visions also contribute to the diversity of content in the media and they help fulfil our goal to encourage and promote all spheres of life.

This website does not endorse the author’s opinion. However, we reserve the right to post alternative visions on this site as long as they aren’t considered propaganda or do not justify violence.

My name is Melanie Thomas, Creator of the website(ParagraphCove.com). I started this website to share my thoughts, but end up creating a celebrity bio site.

From childhood, I had a keen interest on knowing the life of famous people. over the years i created networks of like minded people and started to share about research with you in the form of this website.

hope you will enjoy this website and if you want to share any information and suggestion, feel free to contact us.