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Murder spree Nikko Jenkins after being released from prison in 2013. committed 4 murder in a single month. Throughout history, the world has seen many real life serial killers and among them there is (Nikko Jenkins)one that terrifies the United States in 2013.

In this article we will know about Nikko Jenkins age, birth, past life, crime family history, face, kid, interview, story, facts, siblings and death.

Biography of Nikko Jenkins

ParentsLori Jenkins and David A. Magee
SiblingsErica and Melonie
Birth NameNikko Allen Jenkins
Age6 years
Date of birthSep 16, 1986
Professioncriminal (murdered)
Marital statussingle
ex-PartnerDawn Arguello
Weight158 lb. 14 (72 kg)
Height5 ft. 8 in.
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBald
BirthplaceColorado, USA
Hobbiesplaying with their siblings
SchoolHighland Elementary School
Qualificationelementary school
Net worth$1-5 million
zodiac signVirgo
Conviction(s)First degree murder(4 counts), Robbery (2 counts)
Date of arrest30th August 2013
Court’s rulingMay 2017
Criminal penaltyDeath and imprisonment of 450 years
Weapons12-gauge shotgun
Imprisoned atTecumseh State Correctional Institution, Nebraska, USA
ex-wifeChalonda Jenkins
Method of murderShooting
Marital statusDivorced

Birth and Early Life Details of Nikko Jenkins

Nikko was born on Sep 16, 1986. in Colorado. He was raised alongside his two sisters (Erica and Melonie). Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Nikko had a tough time growing up. Even his father David A. Magee was convicted for multiple crimes like terrorist threats etc.

His parents split shortly after his birth due to the struggles of raising a child. His mother’s name is Lori Jenkins and she was also convicted of felon in possession of ammunition in 2013.

Due to the bad environment while growing up. Nikko was first charged with bringing his mother’s gun to school when he was 7. He was detained from the school after that he indulged more and more in the crime.

Nikko Jenkins as a kid

Growing up in a rough environment altered his life’s perspective, his parents were convicted with many crimes and he is being assaulted with physical and sexual violence, abuse and various crimes done by his Parents.

NIkko Jenkins had self harming tendencies since childhood. At the age of 8 his mother admitted him in hospital as his self harming tendencies grew rapidly. He was expelled to school due to gang involvement and aggressive behavior at the age of 13.

At the age of 15 he was convicted of armed robbery and carjacking and sentenced to prison for 21 years. Although he just served half of his impressment.

  • he did 4 murders and 3 of them was unknown to him.
  • he said these murders were the sacrifices to Apophis.
  • Nikko Jenkins convicted of 12 counts.
  • Nikko was charged to participate on prison riot and attacking guard on duty 2 times.
  • Jenkins has a mixed ethnicity but he is primary white.

Family Tree of Nikko Jenkins

ParentsLori Jenkins and David A. Magee
SiblingsErica and Melonie jenkins
Marital statusDivorced

Nikko Jenkins wife

Nikko Jenkins’ wife also has a rough past, Nikko Jenkins ex-wife Chalanda also suspected for helping Nikko Jenkins in murder, for that she was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment. She is an Omaha citizen and never reported breaking any law in Omaha.

In 2015 she was sentenced to 2 to 3 years for terrorist threats resisting crimes, she was also indulged with shoplifting and petty theft.

Nikko Jenkins interview

Andrew dodge, famous host of podcast “unforbidden truth” asked nikko jenkins about their actions. What makes him do that? Nikko Jenkins told him that he was following orders from Egyption god Apophis(serpent god).

In his interview, Jenkins claimed to have had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. This is the same excuse he gave in a written letter to the judge. After a medical checkup, he was just pretending to be mentally ill.

Nikko Jenkins face

Nikko Jenkins’ face is half covered with tattoos and half with scars. He makes several failed attempts to alter his body in respect to Egyptian God Apophis. He told Douglas county judge, he tries to write 666 on his face but he ends up making 999.

He also tries to split his tongue in half like a serpent in respect to Serpent God Apophis and tries to alter his pines to look like Egyptian god but it all end’s up in tragedy.

Murder history of Nikko Jenkins

NO.NameCrime scene (Location)AgeRelationDate
1Juan Uribe-PenaPick-up truck near city swimming pool at Spring Lake Park26NoneAugust 11, 2013
2Jorge Cajiga-RuizPick-up truck near city swimming pool at Spring Lake Park29NoneAugust 11, 2013
3Curtis Bradfordoutside detached garage, near 18th & Clark St22Met in prisonAugust 19, 2013
4Andrea Kruger168th St near Fort St, middle of road33NoneAugust 21, 2013

First victim Juan Uribe-Pen, age 26 was shooted on groin and head, and second victim Jorge cajiga-ruiz age 29 was shot on head has no relation with nikko jenkins. On august 11, 2013 patrol officer discovered two bodies in white ford puck-up truck near the city swimming pool at spring lake Park at 5:00 a.m.

Third victim Cutris Bradford, age 22 was shooted from behind, posted a photo on facebook with nikko jenkins a day before he was found dead outside a detached garage near 18th & Clark St. by a man returning from a night shift about 7 a.m. on august 19, 2013.

Fourth victim Andrea Kruger, age 33 has multiple shots to the face, neck and shoulder found in the middle of the road at 168th near Fort St. on august 21, 2013.

Nikko Jenkins trial 

On august 30,2013, killer Nikko Jenkins was arrested for unrelated terrorist threats reported by his wife. Later he was found to be linked with murders when the investigation team found CCTV footage of a woman buying distinctive ammunition known as “deer slugs” which was used in all 4 murders. After 8 hr. After an intensive interview killer Jenkins pleaded guilty and confessed to all four murders on 3rd September 2013. He told police that he did it by the order of Apophis(Egyptian god).

In 2017 Nikko was sentenced to death and imprisoned for 450 years by the three panel judge. His mother was accused of hiding evidence about buying ammunition which Nikko Jenkins used. She will be imprisoned for 15 years. Nikko Jenkins’ death penalty was sentenced by a 5 judges panel.

For helping Nikko to kill his third victim, his sister, Erica Jenkins is serving life imprisonment in Nebraska center for women.

His younger sister Erica was charged with hiding the Nikko Jenkins third murder( Bradford’s murder) weapon.

For helping in killing and robbing Nikko Jenkins third murder(Andrea Kruger). His uncle, Warren levering, was sentenced for 40 years in Oklahoma prison. Although his sentence was reduced to half.

Education of Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins was expelled from Highland elementary school at the age of 13. Due to gang involvement and his aggressive behavior. After that Jenkins was imprisoned for 21 years for carjacking at the age of 15. so , he was not able to complete his education.

Education qualificationelementary school
SchoolHighland Elementary School

Physical Status of Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins has short height but has a good amount of muscle build.

Weight158 lb 14 (72 kg)
Height5 ft. 8 in.
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBald
Shoe size9

Relationship of Nikko Jenkins

Nikko and Chalonda Jenkins finalized their divorce on Aug 7,  they met each other in prison and On 6th feb 2010 Nikko Jenkins married Chalonda Jenkins at the Tecumseh State prison. 

There is no evidence of having a child as Couple only spent 4 weeks outside the prison. In which she reported terrorist threats from his husband. And they finally ended their marriage. 

It is reported that Chalonda had a child before ending marriage with Nikko Jenkins. After that there was a report of a girl named Dawn Arguello having a relationship with Nikko Jenkins. 

Chalonda JenkinsAug 7, 2017

Facts about Nikko Jenkins.

  1. Nikko Jenkins said he was acting according to serpent god apophis.
  2. He cut his penis in order to make it more like egyptian god penises
  3. He cut his tongue in order to make it like a serpent.
  4. He has a tendency of self harming from childhood.
  5. He took his mother’s fully loaded gun to school at the age of 7.
  6. He was imprisoned for 21 years at the age of 15.
  7. He was expelled from school at the age of 13.


An American serial killer killed 4 victims in the name of some Ancient Egyptian god (Apophis).
He was sentenced to death and 450 years of imprisonment.
Yes, Nikko Jenkins is still alive waiting for his death in prison.

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