Sarai Burgos Biography, Age, Net Worth, Bernice Burgos Daughter

Famous Model, Instagram influencer, and businesswoman Bernice Burgos’s daughter Sarai Burgos, a Celebrity kid Come into the limelight because of her famous mother and sister.
In this article, we will learn about Sarai Burgos’s Biography, wiki, age, net worth, body measurement, boyfriend, and more…

Biography of Sarai Burgos

Birth NameSarai Burgos
Nick NameSarai
ParentsBernice Bugos
SiblingsAshley Burgos
Date of birth2006
ProfessionChild of Social Media influencer/model
Relationship statusSingle
Weight127.8 lbs. (58kg)
Height5ft. 6inc.
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
BirthplaceBronx, New York, United States
Current ResidenceBronx, New York, United States
EducationBronx high school
QualificationNot Known
Source of income(mother’s)Influencer, actor, model & business
Net worth(mother’s)$3M
NieceIndia Ava
zodiac signNot known

Birth and Early Life Details of Sarai Burgos.

Sarai Burgos was born in 2006, in Bronx New York, United States. the exact date is unknown to the public but we know Bernice Burgas’s First child was born when she was fifteen and her second child (Sarai) was born when she was 25.
Social Media celebrity Bernice maintained many times that she had a second daughter(Sarai) After 10 years for the first.

Sarai Bugos lives with her mother Sarai Bugos and her elder sister Ashley Burgos. In Bornx, Newyork. Being the youngest child she is always protected by her family.

Sarai Lives secure life in terms of finance and security but it is not always the same. In one interview Sarai’s mother said that she was kicked out of her grandmother’s house when she get pregnant at 15.

She has to live at her boyfriend’s mother’s house, she has to do household work because she was not contributing to paying rent. Because of the responsibility of a child and so much housework she quit her school.

She use to work in a bar as a waitress and also has to do household work. Her hard work and never giving approach to words in life eventually paid her well. Rumors are that her boyfriend was abusive and violent. But Bercine never speaks about her boyfriend.

She is a single mother of 2 daughters and performing her responsibility very well. But before the birth of Sarai Burgos, Bernice was already got a job and able to earn enough money to fulfill essential needs and Sarai do not have to face what her mother and older sister Ashley has to face.

Sarai Burgos is an American descent of African-American descent Although her mother is of Puerto Rican descent. She mentioned multiple times that she grew up in a Spanish-speaking environment.

What does Sarai mean?
Sarai’s name comes from Hebrew which means Princess.

sarai burgos biography

Family Tree of Sarai Burgos

Sarai grew up with her mother Bernice Burgos and elder sister Ashley Burgos, in their mother’s house. She has a Niece name India Ava who is also a celebrity. There is no information about her father.

Sarai Burgos’s mother Bernice Burgos.

Bernice Burgos is a popular American Model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, born on April 17, 1980n in New York, United States. She mentioned several times that she lives in a Puerto Rican Family. Growing up in a Spanish-speaking environment, she had a difficult childhood.

Bernice is known for her Curvy figure and distinctive features which let her gain almost 7 million followers on Instagram. She made a successful career in modeling at the age of 27. With her huge fan base on Instagram and successful modeling career, she appears on the page of national fashion magazines like Eye Candy, XXL, and SHOW.

She used her Social media platform to promote various brands and products and collaborated with multiple beauty and fashion brands. She ger another jump when in 2009, when Bernice get a chance to be in the successful movie “Notorious”, which collect $44 million at the box office.

After that, she gets a chance to appear in various movies, and TV shows and was also featured in Music videos where she worked with famous celebs like J. Cole, Drake, and Rick Ross.

Despite her success in acting and modeling. She is also a businesswoman, with her elder daughter, Ashley, she launched her own Clothing line specializing in women’s sleepwear and lingerie called Bold and beautiful LLC. and received positive reviews from customers. Bernice credited her daughter Ashley for coming up with clothing line ideas. The idea behind the clothing line is to empower women by making women feel confident and beautiful by wearing custom-designed sleepwear.

Apart from success in her career, she faced several controversies in the past. She is linked to some high-profile celebs like Drake and T.I. although she cleared in one interview that She and Drake were never in a relationship. 

She was also accused with involving in some public feuds with other celebrities but it eventually help her gain more media attention.

Sarai Burgos Sister Ashley Burgos

Ashely Brugos elder daughter of Bernice Bugos, a famous American model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Was born in May 1996. There is not much known about Ashley as she tends to keep her personal life private. But she is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram. With her mother’s guidance and popularity, she also gained quite a popularity on Instagram and has more than 200k followers on Instagram. She is also a co-founder of the clothing line “Bold and Beautiful” with her mother. Like her mother, she is also blessed with a curvy body. Despite her young age, she is already made her name in the fashion and beauty industry.

Despite her business and influencing her career, she releases her single track “black On the Market” on Dec 9th, 2022.

ParentsBernice Bugos
SiblingsAshley Burgos
NieceIndia Ava
Marital statusSingle

Education of Sarai Burgos.

Sarai Burgos is 17 years old as of 2023 and has done elementary school in the Bronx, New York. she is doing her high school degree in the Bronx. There is not much information about Sarai Burgos’s educational qualifications. As she tends to live her life privately.

Education qualificationNot Known
SchoolBronx High School

Career Highlights of Sarai Burgos

She is 17, right now and just focusing on her studies. Maybe after her studies, she will eventually join her mother and sister in their business.

Physical Status of Sarai Burgos

Sarai’s weight is 127.8 lbs and her height is 5ft. 6inc. Which is average for women of that height. Sarai also is blessed with a beautiful and curvy body just like her mother and her brown eyes and black hair complements her beauty.

Weight127.8 lbs. (58kg)
Height5ft. 6inc.
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Body shapeCurvy
Shoe size8 US

Relationship of Sarai Burgos

Sarai Burgos is single right now. She is very focused on her studies. Sarai is a private person and did not use social media like Instagram. At the movement, we do not have any knowledge about her past relationship and ex-boyfriends.

Sarai Burgos Instagram

She is introverted in nature and tends to keep her life private so, she does not use social media like Instagram. She is just focussing on her studies.

Amazing Facts of Sarai Burgos

  1. Born in 2006 in Bronx, New York, United States.
  1. Her exact date of birth is unknown to the public.
  1. Lives with her mother Bernice Burgos and her elder sister Ashley Burgos.
  1. Sarai’s mother worked as a waitress and did household work to raise her children.
  1. Sarai’s name means “Princess” in Hebrew.
  2. Sarai is 17 years old and is doing her high school degree in the Bronx.

Net Worth of Sarai Burgos

Sarai Burgos is just 17 and doing high school, Sarai Burgos’s net worth is zero at the movement. So she is into earning anything yet. Although her mother Bernice Burgos net worth is $3 million.

Source of Wealth (mother)Acting and Modeling and has Business
Net Worth(mother)$3 million


Sarai Burgos was born in 2006 in the Bronx, New York, United States. The exact date is unknown to the public.
Sarai is the daughter of Bernice Burgos and has an elder sister named Ashley Burgos. She also has a niece named India Ava.
Sarai is a name of Hebrew origin and means "Princess".
She is 17 as of 2023.

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